︎What I do

I am a designer focused on brand identity, illustration and UI design. I love making things and figuring out ways to solve problems through creativity.

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︎Who I am 

Born in Northern Germany to Greek parents, I spent my childhood in the Harz mountains and moved then to Weimar to study visual communication at the Bauhaus University.

In 2010, after graduating, I moved to Berlin and started as an Art Director for one of Germany’s largest advertising agencies, BBDO Berlin, where I was working on creative campaigns for clients such as Smart, Bosch or the German Post.
In 2014 I worked as a Senior Art Director at BUTTERBERLIN on election campaigns, Allianz and several German organizations and ministries.

In August 2016 I relocated to what has now become my home – Tel Aviv, and joined Firma Business Design as a Senior Brand Designer and UI Designer.
Since 2020 I am working as a Senior Brand and Marketing Designer for High-Tech companies in Tel Aviv.